3 Things to Consider Before an Office Refurbishment

3 Things to Consider Before an Office Refurbishment

Before refurbishing your office, there are some important points to consider. Whether your business is small or large, there often comes a time when the office needs to present either a more professional or up to date image, or it may just be a matter of outgrowing the current set up.

Is your office in need of a makeover? Ask yourself these important questions before diving in.

  1. What is the necessity of an office refurbishment?

You must ask yourself how much your office actually needs to be refurbished. Doing an entire office over can be an extremely costly venture, and your business must be able to afford it. Then imagine the internal impacts of the refurbishment, how is your business going to continue to thrive throughout the process?

  1. Who will take care of the project management?

You need a responsible team you can trust to deal with consultants and contractors and coordinate the execution of your office makeover. You must choose a team who is invested in the wellbeing of your company and who understands the logistics of implementing a system.

3 Things to Remember When Upgrading Your Server

A server is set up in a business with a specific role. Over time as the business develops, it is not uncommon for this role to change, or for a server to be given multiple responsibilities. This is why systems within a business must be audited on a regular basis. A server should have its resource load reviewed to prevent any downtime and make sure the company optimises their performance. However, when it comes to upgrading the servers, it’s not as simple as increasing the RAM or upgrading the disks. The process requires planning, and usually professional IT consultancy services London. If you are going to upgrade your server, remember these 3 things:

  1. Backup

Always make a verified backup to your data before making any changes to a server. This is because you can never be certain the server will work the same as before and it is possible to lose data.

  1. Separate Changes

Although IT administrators prefer to minimise the amount of server restarts, it is not the best solution to complete a number of upgrades simultaneously. Changes should be performed separately and tested so if there are any problems they are easy to identify.

  1. Quality

Just like with most things, you get what you pay for. With server components such as disks, power supplies, and RAM, there are certainly cheaper options available. It is not worth it in this case to cut any corners however, and servers should always be fitted with top quality components that are readily available. The benefits and performance will certainly outweigh the extra cost.

Fun Things to Do On Your Lunch Break

Most people just spend their lunchtime resting, eating, on their phones or gossiping with coworkers. In fact, many workers in the UK don’t even take a lunch break. However, this hour or so every day in between work should be enjoyed more. Taking time out of work each day to do something different will do wonders for your well-being as well as your work productivity. Make the most out of your time, and get inspired, creative and motivated with these fun things to do on your lunch break.

Fresh Air

Surely somewhere around your workplace is interesting for walking and getting some fresh air. Get out an about during your break to move your body, breathe fresh air and take in your surroundings.

Go on a Date             

The new popular time for dating is during a lunch break. Use your dating app to find potential suitors, or you check out websites specifically tailored to lunchtime dates.

Have an Adventure

There are a number of fun, adventurous experiences you can enjoy during your lunch break. From car racing experiences to spa treatments, art galleries to museums there are a number of exciting things you can fit in to an hour. You could even take a creative class to get your inspiration flowing.

Market Browsing

If you have any markets close by, then why not spend your break time simply browsing and taking in the smells, sights and sounds. No matter what kind of stalls you find, such as flowers, arts and crafts or food, the environment will be a refreshing change.

Record Your Memories With a Wedding Guest Book

Guest books are now popularly used in many weddings as they are a great way to record your memories and remember everyone who attended your special day. There are many ways to create a normal guest book, but there are certain things you can do to create a unique guest book to make it even more special.


Having a cute vintage typewriter available for guests to write out their message is perfect for rustic country weddings Sussex and retro themed weddings. Then after the wedding you can place them in a folder or secure them all together for a unique type of guest book.

Photo Guest Book

Leave a small Polaroid camera next to the guest book and each guest can snap a photo, stick it in the book and write their message to the bride and groom next to it. This is a more personal way of keeping your memories with a fun picture of every guest at your wedding.

Printed Forms

Another fun idea is to print out a pre-prepared form for guests to fill out. These can be funny and creative, each guest can fill out their message in their own way.

Sign an Item

If your wedding has a specific theme, use an item related to it as an extravagant wedding guest book for guests to sign using a marker. This item could be a flag, an oar, a cardboard cut-out or literally anything that is possible for people to sign.



Filing Your VAT Return

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a type of tax that is added to a variety of services and goods provided by businesses in the UK. When a business is VAT registered, they must complete their tax returns on their taxable sales and submit it to HMRC. There is also the possibility of claiming a part of the VAT charged on their expenses and sales. Filling out a VAT return is not complicated but must be correct, so most businesses hire a bookkeeper Kent to do it for them.

A VAT return should be filed quarterly, and now is nearly always completed online. A business must be registered with HMRC to be able to file their returns, and then you will be provided with an ID to sign in with. When filing a VAT return online, the relevant dates should be entered along with the figures, which can be edited and made correct before sending.

The amount of VAT due should be paid electronically via your online account and the payment is usually due one month and seven days after you submit the return. If you sign up, it is possible to receive emails reminding you to pay before the due date. If an error has been made on a VAT return, depending on the amount they can generally be corrected on your next returns. If a business fails to acknowledge a mistake or file their tax return before the date it is due, there can be financial penalties.

How to Create Authentic Feedback Online

Online feedback is a great way to judge sale success and customer behaviour. Purchasing a product or service after reading about it online is a very popular way of technique of buying in recent times. Instead of talking to friends and family about the quality of items, people now rely on reviews online to recommend a purchase. When working with a PR company, they will explain that genuine online feedback is vital to a company’s success and is an important tactic that should be part of their online strategy. Read on for techniques on how to create authentic feedback online.

  • Take photographs of your products – Images are one of the top ways of not only gaining feedback, but popularity online. Take interesting photographs of you products and share them online to gain attention, which will encourage people to your pages, sales and to leave feedback.
  • Make videos – Videos are a creative way of gaining visual attention online. Instead of looking through magazines and papers each day, many people surf through their social media feeds and websites every day. Short and long videos can be made and shared across the internet which will gain attention, brand awareness and eventually, sales.
  • Encourage reviews – When a customer is happy with the product or service you have provided, encourage them to leave you a review that other potential clients can see. This can be on your website, on your social media, or on third party websites.


Why You Should Date an Accountant

Cruising OK Cupid at three in the afternoon on a lazy Sunday I stumbled upon accountant central London 28. Now, I am not really the kind of gal who rates good suits, business lunches, and an ability to schmooze clients, high on the list of attributes I look for in a potential partner. In fact, normally I steer well clear of ‘city-types’. But in a fit of curiosity (and I’ll admit, the profile picture was pretty alluring) I reached out to ‘accountant central London 28’. Here’s what I learnt dating an accountant, and why you should try it too:

  • Never fret over splitting the bill ever again. Your new accountant boyfriend or girlfriend has the ability perform some pretty quick mental arithmetic in a matter of seconds, faster than you can open your bill-splitting app.
  • Not your problem anymore. Although your new accountant friend may not be a taxation accountant, you can bet he or she still knows how to do your taxes for you. Ensuring that you don’t pay a penny more than you should and of course they’ll do this for you free of charge.
  • While it may be slightly tedious when the new accounting professional in your life feels the need to remind you, a self-employed individual, what you should be declaring to HM Revenue & Customs, they do so because they are governed by a strict code of ethics. And on the plus side, it is cute when they’re so earnest!



Why Being a Courier is So Much Fun

There’s a persistent conception that being a courier is akin to being a messenger boy or girl. I’m here to set the record straight. Following a stint as a courier Sussex style in a nice comfy heated cab, I am a champion of the courier cause. Although I worked for only a year I reckon it is the kind of job I would do again in a heartbeat, here’s why:

  • You get to meet people. Being a courier brings you into a wide range of places and situations and you meet a lot of people. There’s no need to just grab a signature and run, smiling and saying hi first, meant I got into loads of conversations with people I wouldn’t normally have come across
  • Because traffic jams are not your fault!
  • Essentially you work for yourself. Sure, you are given consignments to deliver and time frames, but after that, it is up to you to manage your time and your day. Not being stuck at a desk all day means a bit of freedom and freedom at work is almost always a good thing
  • The countryside. Being a courier in Sussex meant driving through some pretty relaxing countryside. Turn up the music in your cab and you’ve got a fun day out.

So, if being a courier means being a delivery boy, I’m in, overtime and all.

How to Take Care of the Exterior of Your Property

The exterior of your property is just as important as the interior and must be taken care of to keep it in first-class condition. If you are thinking about selling the property in the future, the exterior is the first impression for viewers and must be kept looking good to create interest and increase the value. Even if you are not planning on selling, caring for the outside of the property is an important part of maintaining the wellbeing of the house. Below are some tips on how to take care of the exterior of your property.

  • Paint – Exterior surfaces can be kept looking maintained and attractive with a fresh paint job. This is an easy and inexpensive way to give your home a new lease of life from the outside.
  • Clean – A regular clean of the exterior of a property can make a huge difference to the way it looks. Cleaning the surfaces can be with a jet power wash or simply scrubbing with a brush and soapy water, and the outside area should be kept free from rubbish and unnecessary objects. The roof should also be maintained using roof cleaning Surrey
  • Garden – Keeping the garden looking trim and tidy is not difficult as long as it is done on a regular basis. Mowing the lawn, watering the plants and removing weeds and dead plants is an important part of maintaining a garden and making it look inviting and beautiful.

5 Kitchen Trends of 2017

The kitchen is the most important room in nearly all homes, and is a place where people cook, eat and socialise. The kitchen is also the room with the highest value in the property, so it is essential that it is not only installed properly, but also on trend. To keep up with the latest styles, here are the top 5 kitchen trends of 2017 include:

  • Industrial – The industrial kitchen look has been growing in popularity in recent years and is continuing to stay on trend in to 2017. This style includes rustic metals, exposed bricks and pipes, and metal countertops.
  • Range Cookers – Kitchens Chichester and across the country have featured range cookers for several years now, but they are even more on trend than ever. Range cookers can bring a new dynamic to a kitchen and improve the overall cooking experience.
  • Quartz Countertops – Quartz was previously known as a luxury countertop only for expensive kitchens. Now it is on trend and with the composite surface development it has become more accessible for the average priced kitchen.
  • Clear Surfaces – No matter in which room, clutter is never a good look. Now more than ever however, the kitchen countertop and space should be as clutter-free as possible to look stylish, elegant, and keep up with interior design trends. This means clearing surfaces of clutter and creating accessible storage areas for these items such as oils, spices, kitchen roll and tea bags. The same goes for smaller kitchen appliances, too many can crowd the surfaces of your kitchen, so create an area where than can be stored when not in use.